picpockets iphone app

PicPockets is a series of educational and inspirational tools in the form of a deck of cards that celebrates the work of some of the best photographers in the world. PicPockets creator, Australian Master Photographer Jerry Ghionis is also proud to announce the digital version of Picpockets made for the iphone and ipod touch.

Each PicPocket creating iphone application explorer a particular facet of each photographer’s work with the aim to inspire and educate fellow photographers and photography enthusiasts. With the the analysis here flick of a finger you will be amzed at the wizardry, story and technique of some of the most memorable images in the world. The galleries will challenge and remind you to explore different techniques, search for better light and give flight to your imagination.

You many simply want to sit back, relax and enjoy some memorable moments, wonder at our beautiful plant or be touched by human spirit.

Now available

Jerry Ghionis Greatest Clicks Vol I

Coming soon to the App Store

Ordinary – Extraordinary Vol I & Vol II
Action – Reaction